June Newsletter

Hello Boaters,

Greetings from Marina Management and the Leschi and Lakewood Marinas team. We hope 2018 will be the best boating season ever for you! Moving into the summer season we wanted to let you know our summer hours, introduce you to our summer staff and give you a few updates for the marinas.  We plan to produce a monthly newsletter, which you will receive via email, once we are set up with Constant Contact.


Hours and Staff

  • Beginning June 4th, we will be open Monday through Sunday 9am-5pm.
  • 4th of July and Seafair schedules may vary.
  • Staff will be serving all three marinas. If we are not in the office, you can always reach us at 206-900-1053.
  • Our summer team will include Elinor, Alex and Emmett. Please introduce yourself when you see them around the marinas.

Parking Enforcement

The window cling parking passes that were distributed earlier in the year had to be redone because City parking enforcement decided the clings didn’t meet their standards. New passes were mailed out in late March.

  • The new passes are like the previous passes Seattle Parks used. They are red, hang from the rearview mirror and are good for two years. If you have any questions, please give us a call.
  • Please be advised, parking enforcement has begun ticketing cars.

Security Updates

  • Security cameras have been installed the last couple of months and are up and working at Leschi North and Lakewood. Once the rebuild is complete, and internet service is available at Leschi South, we will be adding cameras there as well.
  • I am meeting with two fence companies in the next couple of weeks to assess the gates at the Leschi Marinas. 
  • There have been several complaints about the dock gates being propped open. Please, do not prop the doors open. We are trying to keep your boat, and your neighbor’s boat safe.
  • Please be aware of people around the marina. If you suspect something isn’t right, please call us (206-900-1053) or 911.

Construction Update

  • The SEPA documents for the marinas have been completed and Marine Floats has been contracted to obtain the remaining permits. If everything goes as planned, which it seldom does, we could see construction start the summer of 2019. Currently, the entire process is under a legal challenge and no meaningful improvements can happen until this dispute is resolved.  These long overdue improvements are exciting to be a part of and our staff is always available to share the plans with you.  

Friendly Neighbor Policy

  • Please remember small boats, dinghies, water toys, SUP’s or anything else cannot be tied to the stern of your boat or left in the water.  
  • Summer brings lots of action to the lake and with lots of action comes big swells from boat wakes. Now would be a good time to check your lines, especially since the lake level has risen. Line snubbers will help protect your investment and the docks. Adding extra fenders is another way to help protect your boat.
  • Garbage Service at the marinas is for your boat’s trash only and the dumpsters are filling up quickly.  If your trash doesn’t fit into the container via the swing door on the lid, it’s too big and should be taken home. For example but not limited to; vacuums, oscillating fans, or decking material. Please try to do your best at recycling. Remember that dirty food containers cannot be recycled.  Right now we cannot take used oil or gas, batteries, solvents, propane canisters or any type of hazardous waste.  We plan on constructing an approved facility as part of the reconstruction and will notify you when it is operational.
  • Please remember that pets must be on a leash at all times.

We hope the weather is great this summer and we look forward to seeing you all out on the water. If we can help with anything please call or stop by the office.  All of us at Marina Management are focused on serving our customers and exceeding your expectations.

Here’s to a great summer!

Craig Perry

General Manager




Published on Jun 15, 2018.